Mar 15, 2013

Spring Cleaning: 10% Off Cleansing Products

As we enter into the month of March, we are greeted by a hint of spring and a chance to finally shed the winter layers we’ve been wrapped so tightly in. A cleanse is the perfect way to refresh your body naturally and go into the new season energized!

This months’ savings are focused on  excellent cleansing products to help you and your family. Para-Rid, our classic and very potent cleansing formula has recently been improved with a more potent form of Artemesia Annua.

As you choose a cleanse, keep in mind the importance of addressing any yeast overgrowth. The coating can create a protective cover for undesirable agents to flourish. Some natural health professionals believe these unwanted intestinal dwellers can be coated in the overgrowth, making them immune to a cleanse.
And, don’t miss the new weight control contest that is underway. It's not too late to start! You could win a trip for two to Israel!

May your spring be full of blessed new beginnings, 
from all of us at Mountain Meadow Herbs.

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