Nov 29, 2012

5 Ways to Enjoy a Healthy, Active Winter

When winter settles in it's easy to slip into a pace of sleeping more and moving less as we avoid the colder weather by staying indoors. It’s not uncommon to feel lethargic and even a bit depressed by the drabness of the season. 

These tendencies can make us more susceptible to other challenges the season brings, such as winter flu bugs and viruses. Here are 5 simple steps to having more energy and staying healthy this winter:

1. Brighten your space:  
Use color to add some cheer. Painting even just one room can make a difference. Choose green to bring a feeling of tranquility and better health.  Blue increases productivity. Yellow has been shown to instill more energy, and even boost your metabolism. For a room you want to relax in, such as the bedroom, a nice lavender shade will help calm anxiety.

2. Try Something New: 
What winter activity have you always wanted to try? Even if you dislike snow and cold, there are certain things like sledding with your child, ice skating, or snowshoeing that can only be done this time of year. Bundle up and try it. Chances are it will be enjoyable and refreshing!

3. Eat well:
Although we crave carbohydrates and sugar when it’s cold and dark outside, fresh seasonal fruits and veggies are a better choice to keep our bodies strong and healthy. Here are some favorites that reach their peak in nutritional value this time of year, and are easy to find at your local market:
  • butternut squash
  • sweet potatoes
  • turnips
  • grapefruits 
  • apples (great for the respiratory system, but try and choose organically grown, as non-organic ones can contain up to 32 pesticides!) 
  • oranges
  • pears
  • tangerines
4. Get out of the house: 
Cabin fever can be beat by visiting a friend, a trip to the library or coffee shop, or even just a walk     down the lane and back. Some personality types are very energized by being around people, others find solitude to be just what is needed for refreshment. Whatever works for you, allow yourself time in the day to do something for yourself.

5. Be Prepared for the season: 
Don’t get caught without reliable remedies to keep yourself and your children healthy. Be sure to have a stock of Vitamin C and effective herbal remedies for the immune and respiratory systems on hand to use as soon as they are needed.

Have a happy and healthy winter!

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