Jun 7, 2013

Busy summer stress relief!

Summer is a glorious season, gardens and fields are suddenly bursting with the promise of bountiful harvest. And June is the month of brides; in all the busyness and longer days it is easy to keep going, feeling the need to keep up with summer’s demands.

Summers beauty and busyness go hand in hand for many of us. There are weddings to attend, gardens and lawns to tend to in
addition to the day to day duties that go with caring for a growing family.

This months’ savings are focused on potent herbal formulas Adren-L-Aid, Adren-L-Aid II, that can help you keep up with the seasons demands—with a smile. Anyone under intense physical or emotional stress can benefit from Adren-L-Aid or Adren-L-Aid II,   it can make the difference between dragging through the day exhausted, or breezing through the day with more energy, better stamina and a smile.

Restful sleep is vital to ongoing good health. Maintaining normal cortisol levels by supporting the adrenal glands naturally, helps to keep out of balance hormones such as cortisol, in check for a better nights rest and more energy.

As you choose from this months specials keep in mind the Stress and Sleep is more of a way to keep stress from building throughout the day and in most cases it does not cause day time drowsiness. Bed-Time Drops are intended to help you fall asleep and stay asleep until morning. Go to  www.mountainmeadowherbs.com to purchase these wonderful products!

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