Jan 13, 2015

Tips to avoid weight gain

Sugar- and fat-laden foods, reduced activity, and increased stress are a recipe for weight gain during the winter months. When your winter chores are done, remember these tips to help avoid gaining a few extra pounds before springs work sets in.

Drink more water. Proper hydration is always important but especially during times of high food intake and lower activity levels. Drink half an ounce of pure, clean drinking water per pound of body weight to help curb your appetite and keep well-hydrated.

Eat more greens. Choose crunchy, sweet vegetables over high-starch pasta, breads, and potatoes. Broccoli, tomatoes, sliced sweet peppers, and leafy green salads are satisfying, low in calories, and loaded with nutrients and fiber.

Choose lean proteins. Raw or roasted nuts are a great source of protein. Eat these and you’ll satisfy your hunger; avoiding the unhealthy treats will be much easier!

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep. Research has shown that not getting at least 8 hours of sleep can affect your body’s insulin and ghrelin (a hormone in the body that regulates hunger) levels, leading to overeating. This time of year when the work is slow and daylight is scarce, take advantage of the long nights and enjoy your rest.

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