Mar 6, 2014

Which cleanse is right for me?

Ridding your body of parasites is foundational to the success of most cleanses. No matter where they have taken up residence in your body, or to what organ they have migrated, you want to be sure they are eliminated. Once removed, you want to keep the chance of re-infection as minimal as possible.
There are a countless number of cleanses out there today, and deciding on one can be a confusing and daunting task! Below are 5 simple steps to narrowing down your choices.

Is it doable for me?
In other words, if the cleanse requires drinking large glasses of slimy, gritty or terrible tasting stuff every day for two weeks, will you do it? If not, move on to a more doable option.

Do I need a two pronged fork?
If you have a heavy-metal load or yeast overgrowth, you want to get rid of the invaders and their cover simultaneously. Chose a doable cleanse for each and take them at the same time.

Love your Liver
Once you have taken care of anything living in your liver that shouldn't be there, loving on your liver can change everything! It can be as simple as eating well-washed fresh dandelion leaves everyday while they last. Taking a spring tonic like LiverGlow to gently stimulate, cleanse and nourish this important organ is a great choice. Choose a spring or digestive tonic containing at least one bitter herb. 

Get out the pipe cleaners
The intestines take up a lot of your abdominal space. Give them a break from the heavy winter foods. Spring brings a rush of lighter leafy greens-indulge! If you want to take it up a notch from here, choose a gentle intestinal cleanse that wont keep you parked near the restroom. Chances of finishing the cleanse are much higher if it doesn't interfere with your daily routine. 

Can my body use it?
Tablets are much harder to break down and absorb. Plus they contain unnatural binding agents. A liquid cleanse or capsules are a better choice.

Know what you want
Many people do a cleanse hoping to lose weight, while the mainfocus of most cleanses is to flush specific organs like the liver and get rid of toxin build up. Weight loss can happen as a result, but don't
confuse the two. Instead focus on the refreshing benefits of improved well being and enjoy having more energy.

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