Feb 26, 2014

Building a robust immune system

The strength or weakness of the immune system plays a large and very important role in our health and general well being. Made up of a complex network of cells, tissue and organs, they all work together to protect the body from invading bacteria, viruses, fungi and other detrimental microorganisms. A healthy, robust immune system responds quickly and effectively to these health threats. Most healthcare professionals agree that leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle leads to a strong, healthy immune system and better quality of life. Here are 7 natural, simple steps that anyone can take to support and boost the immune system.

Get enough rest 
Getting a regular 7-9 hours night of sleep keeps you primed to fight off an attack. Less sleep can weaken immune responses.

Run it off 
Even just 20 minutes of exercise every day can make a difference. Although you may feel tired and lethargic, forcing yourself to go on a quick walk after lunch will leave you feeling more energized and happier thanks to those endorphins.

Stress takes a toll on our bodies. Identify the three top stressors in your life. Find a way to minimize them or lessen their impact. Remember that nature is an antidote to anxiety, and it’s free! Let it’s beauty remind you of a caring Creator.

Be conscious to limit the amount of detrimental things you expose your body to. Wash hands frequently, for at least 20 seconds. Use a clean cutting board every time you need one and thoroughly wash all raw foods.

Build healthy intestinal bacteria 
These help keep the bad bacteria at bay. Yogurt and kefir with live cultures help, as do fermented foods such as sauerkraut. Supplements containing pre and pro-biotics can also help, are easily found at your local natural health foods store.

Cleanse and detox regularly
Your liver and intestines will benefit tremendously if you take time to care for them by doing a cleanse twice a year. Be sure to do a quality parasite cleanse before flushing or cleansing the liver.

Cut back on sugar
Find ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without sugar, as it suppresses the immune system. A 2013 study shows evidence that it actually effects the pumping mechanism of your heart by changing the muscle proteins. 

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