Dec 7, 2011

7 Tips for Staying Healthy in the Winter

7 Tips for Staying Healthy in the Winter

As winter approaches, more and more of us are noticing people with sniffles and coughs and remembering that we need to take some extra steps to stay healthy during the winter season. 

  1. Eat Healthy - meats and complex carbohydrates give your body more fuel to burn, which helps to keep your core body temperature regulated.
  2. Drink plenty of Water - our body uses more of it to warm and moisturize the cold, dry air we are breathing in.
  3. Use herbs like Echinacea, Elder Berry and Propolis resin to support the immune system.
  4. Stay warm, but not too hot. Dress in layers.
  5. Use herbs like Anise seed, Elecampane, Stinging Nettle leaf, Elder flower, Thyme, Licorice, and Bayberry bark to help support the respiratory system.
  6. Take your daily multivitamin and mineral supplement. Winter typically means foods aren't as fresh, and therefore don't contain as many nutrients.
  7. Get plenty of fresh air. Try opening the windows in the house for 15-20 minutes each day.
Taking a few extra steps each day can benefit the ability of your body to stay warm and healthy!

~ Happy Holidays!

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