Oct 22, 2014

Parasites: A Trojan Horse

Medical professionals are confirming Dr. Clarks discovery that parasites cause sickness and even death. Posting their findings online, they show clear cases of parasite infections mimicking or causing malignancies, seizures, blurry vision and death. Dr. Nougaci shares in a live video how he has removed 5 parasites from the brain in recent months and how more surgeons are seeing the same thing.

Particularly worrisome are the thread like Dirofilaia and the Onchocera. As thin as a silk thread, they invade the chest cavity fluids, the heart, the eyes and the abdomen membranes and lymph nodes. In addition to causing inflammation wherever it goes, the Onochera can get tangled up in itself or a Dirofilia (as they often share a host). Either one can grow to many feet in length, once a snarl or knot develops we have the starting point for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. These invaders can get tangled up or wrapped around a lymph node and grow into a mass of what is known as non Hodgkin's Lymphoma or simply chest and abdominal masses. Both carry detrimental bacteria, known as oncoviruses and release even more harmful bacteria such as shingella when they die.

It’s not only the parasites themselves that are destructive to our well being, as Dr. Clark notes. She compares them to the Trojan horse who appeared harmless but carried a lethal load into the unsuspecting and a bit foolish city. Though some professionals might still depict them as harmless, Dr. Clark noted that parasites not only steal our nutrients and thereby our health, butalso cause damage to our organs and tissues directly or indirectly by bringing other enemies into our “city” such as harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Dr. Clark believed parasites to be the initiators of most illnesses and that they keep us in a constant state of immune suppression because they release harmful pathogen sand connected to fungi, solvents, metals and allergies. Her life was largely dedicated to studying their effect on the human body, how to eliminate them and heal the damage they cause. Given that her findings are being confirmed by modern science after her passing (as is often the case for those who make important discoveries) its wise to pay attention to this health threat and take appropriate action.

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