Sep 12, 2014

Back to School, Back to learning!

Curious children who enjoy books and learn easily, tend to meet the first day of school with a great deal of excitement and anticipation! They are more than happy to leave summer behind to explore all the new school term offers, reconnect with friends and join the fun at recess. 

In a perfect world every child would enjoy going back to school. But in reality, many little hearts are filled with dread as the first day of being confined in a classroom nears. Little boys are often challenged by the focus and concentration needed for learning much more frequently than little girls. Fidgety and anxious, with shorter attention spans, the classroom is more of a prison for them to avoid than an exciting door into discovery.

This months Back-to-School Special includes two simple but powerful, herbal formulas to help your child enjoy learning. Natural Attention-Aid was developed at the request of a father of two who struggled with focus at work. He credits these herbs for saving his job. In the past decade, this formula has made a wonderful difference for many children.  Visit to learn more about Natural Attention-Aid, and our other formulas for both kids and adults that are popular this time of year!

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