Aug 7, 2014

First Trimester Discomforts

While the exact cause of the common discomforts of the first trimester are not entirely understood, it does seem sensible to give a new life a clean, healthy place to grow and develop. As the body's main organ for detoxification, the liver filters and stores blood around the clock.
Author and Herbalist Shonda Parker encourages getting the liver in good health by cleansing and supporting it before conceiving. Noting that fewer of the common discomforts are experienced by those wise enough to do this. However, if you are already expecting, you can still give your liver a gentle boost by using liver friendly herbs that are considered safe for use during this time or while nursing. 

LiverGlow II contains extracts of Lemon Balm, Alfalfa, Milk Thistle, Grape seed, Dandelion, Olive leaf, Bilberry and fresh Ginger to gently cleanse, support cleanse, support and nourish the liver. It may be all you need to feel better and more energized. A combination of liver friendly fresh and dried ginger root extracts can go a long way in calming the stomach during this time. Stomach Aid can be taken with LiverGlow II, it contains fennel and peppermint in addition to fresh and dried ginger extracts. Give your baby a clean, healthy place to grow and fell better as well.

Combat morning sickness...
Blood sugar levels seem to affect how sick one feels in the first trimester. Try eating a bit of protein every two hours. A few tablespoons of yogurt, 5-6 raw almonds, or half of a hard boiled egg. If you cannot keep anything down, sip on water with fresh organic lemon juice and freshly squeezed ginger juice with a bit of honey. Room temperature Sprite or Ginger Ale does the trick for some women. Maybe it’s the lemon and sugar in these that bring relief. Using fresh lemon/ginger juice with raw honey can be a healthier version that hopefully will help you feel better!

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