Jul 10, 2014

Words of wisdom: MMH founder Kathy Garber

Our bodies are designed to survive on healthy foods and to heal with the help of plant matter. Chemically engineered drugs and synthetic supplements have little place in the human body and often come with damaging side effects. Whenever discomfort and poor health are part of our experience, we get to choose our response to what is happening. It can be easy to think in terms of a “quick fix” or look for the “magic pill” that will make it all better.

While an inexpensive drug may offer immediate relief, it’s wise to think about the long term effects on the body. Thinking in terms of what is the cause of an illness or chronic condition rather than just how can I get rid of the symptoms, then addressing it naturally without harming the body, is a sensible response.                       

Lifestyle including diet, stress levels, and how active we are, all play into our health. Changes here can be powerful in the pursuit of feeling better. This does not mean a trip to the doctor is never needed. Acute situations and those that do not respond to natural treatment certainly call for medical intervention. The lives saved by modern medicine deserves our respect. However, what the amazing world of herbal remedies and dietary supplements has to offer for chronic issues and improved well being should not be ignored or sacrificed to create the profits of patented drugs. 

More than once I have gotten the “snake oil” response to being asked what it is that I do. The conversation usually takes on a very different tone rather quickly when I tell the story of saving our young son from years of dialysis by using simple herbal remedies and dietary supplements. Personal experience involving a child is hard to argue with.

It continues to be a pleasure to formulate potent herbal remedies for the company (MMH) that was birthed out of an unexpected difficulty. My prayer is that you will experience the benefits of natures God given gifts in every bottle of liquid golden extracts you use. Much care is given to making these remedies on a daily basis, and I continue to be deeply honored by your trust.   

                                                                                        -Kathy Garber

Kathy Garber began to study and apply the traditional uses of herbs and nutrition out of desperation, as her young son was suffering from severe kidney damage due to an undetected rare birth defect. Kathy's knowledge in Herbology increased along with the need for highly specialized formulas for her son. She began to make her own herbal extracts and combine them resulting in powerful remedies, giving birth to Mountain Meadow Herbs. 

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