May 29, 2014

Did you know the average cost of baby formula for one year is now between $1,138.50 and $1,188.00? 

Hospitals are given free cans of formula to pass on to new moms, who trust their doctors. Many new moms are firmly committed to giving their new baby the best but it can be very hard to stick to nursing when it’s not working. This is when the decision is often made to open the one from the hospital or pick up a can of formula. And guess what, research shows the new parent while at the store, will generally chose the brand they were given by the hospital. The clear winner is the formula manufacturer.

The new baby and the family finances are not the only ones to take a hit when this happens. While the little one misses out on important skin to skin bonding time with mom and what is naturally most nourishing, the new mom often feels an emotional loss and sadness at not being able to give her baby the best or ideal form of milk.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and many other healthcare providers recognize the benefits of moms milk. The proportion of nutrients are naturally balanced  and help the growing infant grow and develop normally. Also more   recent research suggest babies who were nursed for 12 months are healthier as teenagers and adults.

Nature offers amazing gifts to moms who are doing their best but struggle with having enough milk. Some of the most effective are herbs that gently correct any hormone imbalance related to the problem. Chaste Tree berry extract is good example. Alfalfa, Stinging nettle and Red Raspberry can help moms who need more and richer milk.
Scullcap can help the anxious new mom relax and may keep thrush at bay.

Maxi-Milk has a great track record helping these moms have enough rich, nourishing milk to keep their growing little ones satisfied, it contains potent extracts of these herbs and more to support moms who are looking for a way to give their baby the best.

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