Aug 2, 2011

 7 Tips for a Naturally Healthy Child
Few things pull on the hearts of parents more than the suffering of a sick child, and keeping our little ones healthy and happy is a huge part of
being a mom.
  1. Teach your child to count to 30 while washing hands with soap after using the restroom, before eating and whenever they are soiled. Keep fingernails trimmed short.
  2. Encourage eating a piece of fruit and one fresh vegetable daily.
  3. Do a parasite cleanse at least twice a year.
  4. Be prepared for illness by knowing what herbs to give for what and keep a supply on hand.
  5. Give the appropriate natural remedies as soon as you notice your child is not feeling well. Keep in mind that the battle is easier to win naturally at the onset.
  6. Make sure your child gets plenty of sunshine, fresh air and 8-10 hours of sleep.
  7. Keep your child's love tank full with kind, affirming words. Your love and affectionate touch helps them be emotionally healthy. Emotional wellbeing is important for a strong immune system.

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