Feb 1, 2011

Boost Your Immune System

Minimize your stress levels, obtain adequate rest; wash your hands frequently.
Exercise by taking 45 minute walks five times a week.
Echinacea is widely known for its benefits in stimulating the immune system.
Cayenne may help clear respiratory passages.
Goldenseal helps our body's Immune System to fight off symptoms of cold's and flu's.
Elderberry contains an enzyme that helps break down the protein on the influenza virus that allows it to enter the body's cells for reproduction.
Elecampane helps clear breathing passageways and a healthy respiratory system.
Garlic does an excellent job of supporting the Immune System’s ability to fight off infections, while also having a blood cleansing affect.
Vitamin C will help your body fight off bacteria and viruses.
Vitamin A increases your body’s resistance to colds and flu.
Zinc is helpful in maintaining an optimal Immune System.

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